Thursday, June 21, 2012

Premier Partner Highlight: New Show at Medieval Times!

When you stay in Myrtle Beach you can travel back in time to an era of castles and kings, lords and ladies and courageous knights fighting for the honor of the realm. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament- one of the Grand Strand’s most popular attractions- is now thrilling and delighting audiences with a brand new show! Picking up where the original story left off, the saga continues as the struggle between good and evil unfolds before you.

Guests cheer their champion as he battles for victory in a series of medieval competitions. Admire the aim and accuracy of the knights as they charge on horseback to collect small rings with their lances and applaud their speed as they spur their horses on in a relay race to win the recognition of the fair princess. Most importantly, support your knight’s bravery as he competes for glory in the perilous joust. Once dismounted, the knights must battle using swords, maces, and bolas brought to them by their faithful squires. Finally, our brave champion will clash swords with the evil villain who threatens the peace and liberty of the entire kingdom. 

No medieval tournament is complete without a banquet fit for a king! As you watch the brave knights battle, you’ll feast on steaming tomato bisque with buttery garlic bread, tender oven-roasted chicken, BBQ spare rib and herb-basted potatoes. Remember, there was no silverware in the dark ages, so don’t expect any here! After dinner, dessert is a mouth-watering, flaky apple turnover. Our king, ever considerate of the needs and wants of his loyal subjects, also provides a vegetarian meal upon request.

Medieval Times is guaranteed fun for the whole family. To purchase your discounted tickets and for additional show information, stop by The Official Myrtle Beach Welcome Center  in Aynor, South Carolina. This is one attraction you don’t want to miss!

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