Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips for Saving Money on Vacation Part IV: Food

While on vacation, expenses tend to add up quickly!  It can be hard to find the balance between budgeting your money, yet not limiting yourself in the experiences Myrtle Beach has to offer.  We have already explored how we can save money on airfare, driving and attractions. Today we'll discuss how to save money on one of vacation's greatest indulgences: food!

Pack lunches.  If you're driving, food expenses tend to add up from the moment you hit the road. This is especially true if you have kids with you complaining of hunger every hour! But instead of spending your food budget at McDonald's and Wendy's, why not wait and use it at the local restaurants your destination has to offer? Before you leave on your road trip, be sure to pack a cooler of snacks, sandwiches, fruit, etc to keep everyone fed. Do the same before you hit the beach! A picnic lunch sitting in the sand is an experience you won't want to miss- and it will save you money.  Purchasing water bottles at the beach can be quite expensive, so be sure to bring your own.

Take advantage of discounts. Before you come on vacation, do your research! Many restaurants have places where kids eat free, which will save you a pretty penny. Be sure to also look for coupons on, and by stopping at the Official Myrtle Beach Welcome Center on your way into town.

Use the local grocery store.  While you want to enjoy Myrtle Beach's best restaurants, you don't need to eat out for every meal. If your resort has a kitchen, be sure to take advantage of the local grocery store (in fact, many of our vacationers get a kick out of visiting Piggly Wiggly).  If you want to get even more into the local fare, visit the seafood market!  Make your own breakfasts and lunches so you'll have a little extra to spend on dinner.

Be smart.  Most restaurants have huge portion sizes that can be difficult to finish. Be sure to take home leftovers in a doggy-bag and eat the second half of your meal for lunch the next day. If you really want to save, consider sharing a meal. You'll still get full and enjoy the best local cuisine, but you'll pay half as much.  Additionally, lunch prices tend to be significantly cheaper than dinner prices.  Try going out for a big lunch and having a smaller dinner later or even eating at home.

Hit two birds with one stone.  Two of Myrtle Beach's most popular attractions include dinner and a show!  By bundling the two together, you'll likely spend a little less than you would going to dinner followed by a show.  You'll save even more by purchasing discounted tickets to Pirate's Voyage and Medieval Times at the Official Myrtle Beach Welcome Center.

We'll also be happy to provide you with any additional Myrtle Beach information or tickets that you might need. Happy saving!


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