Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips for Packing Efficiently

The purpose of vacationing is to get away from the pressures of the daily routine in favor of relaxation and rejuvenation. If escaping from tension is the goal, why start your vacation with a stressful packing frenzy? In order to minimize the hassle of packing, follow these tips to make gathering the essentials and organizing your suitcase a breeze.

Make a packing list. Before you get to work, sit down and write a list of the necessities. Be sure to consider each item carefully; you want to avoid the vacation curse of overpacking. If you have to sit on your suitcase to zip it shut, throw your back out when you lift it, or dig elbow-deep to find what you need, you are causing yourself unnecessary inconvenience. Remember, this is a vacation and not a permanent move, so only the absolute essentials should make the list.

Conserve space. Don't pack several suitcases when one will do. Using space wisely allows you to fit everything you need without having to haul around several bags. Rather than folding your clothes, lay back the sleeves and roll them (this also prevents creasing). Stuff socks and underwear inside your shoes. Instead of bulky containers and bags, slide toiletries into Ziplocks, which will also prevent disaster in case of spills. Additionally, call ahead to your hotel and ask if they supply soap, shampoo, hair dryers, etc.- anything already provided means extra room and a lighter suitcase.

Think small. When reviewing each item on your list, try to think of a way to make it smaller. Shampoos and lotions can be purchased or poured into travel-sized bottles.  If you need medicine, place a few pills into Ziplock bags instead of bringing the whole container. A small bottle of wrinkle spray is lighter and more space efficient than an iron. Pick clothes that coordinate so that outfits can be mixed and matched instead of packing an outfit for each day. Be creative!

Minimize beach supplies. Rather than buying beach toys and boogie boards before you leave, consider purchasing them upon arrival. Local beachwear stores and Wal-Marts typically sell beach supplies for a cheap price and are more likely to have a wider selection. When you've finished your vacation, the beach toys probably won't be of any use at home. Consider giving them away before you leave. If you are bringing a beach cooler, let that double as an extra suitcase on the way down to make the car less crowded.

Above all, don't allow yourself to become overly anxious about forgetting something. Most everything you need can be purchased upon arrival. While you're organizing and planning ahead, remember to mark the Official Myrtle Beach Welcome Center on your map! Once you get here, we'll provide you with all the discounted tickets and information you need to arrange your perfect vacation.

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