Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why It's Time to Give Your Brain a Vacation

In the past several years, trends have shown that less than half of Americans go on vacation.Why? Some feel they would be unable to get away from work while others fear the workload that would be waiting on their desk when they return. Many say they simply can't afford it. But with the research and studies that have been showing up in the media lately, the better question to ask yourself might be "Can I afford not to?"

A recent article written by Karen Leland of the Huffington Post, entitled How Vacations Help the Brain asserts that vacations are a necessity for mental health. She explains that breaks are necessary in order for our brain to perform at its highest capacity because stress hormones cause the deterioration of higher brain function. On the other hand, activity in the intelligence centers of the brain increases after experiencing extended periods of rest.

So how does all of this scientific jargon apply to our lives? CNN Health's article Why Your Brain Needs Vacations by Elizabeth Landau has the answer. Landau contends that taking a vacation actually makes us better employees! The break allows your brain to relax and revitalize so that you can return to your job enthusiastic and ready to conquer problems. She also explains that by detaching yourself from the mundane tasks of everyday life, you can gain a new perspective on your job that will enable you to become a better worker. Her suggestion to the American public is that "when you go on these vacations and experience the feeling...of being mindfully involved in your own life, [you will] find a way to bring that back to [your] workday."

The reward of vacationing is much higher than the cost. This year, allow your brain to have the much needed rest it craves. The Grand Strand is the perfect place to unwind and the Official Myrtle Beach Welcome Center can give you all the information and discounts you need for a relaxing vacation.Your brain will thank you...and your boss will, too!

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